Presentation (in English)

Jeudi 11 Octobre 2012

Presentation (in English)

Presentation (in English)


Part of the AUF (University Agency for the Promotion of the French Language) Institutional Network, the Théophraste Network saw the day in March 1994, when 14 French-language centres for training and perfecting in the field of journalism decided to create an association which proposed to develop cooperation and exchanges amongst its members. Among the Network’s goals are, most notably, to contribute to the definition of the specific elements inherent to the very nature journalistic activity, to develop educational methods in the field in the face of the technological and economic necessity of today’s world, within the boundaries of cross-cultural respect and understanding, and to reflect on the practice of journalism and the ethical issues it raises. Aside from exchanges in terms of people and documents, the Network has insisted on :

 organizing summer caucuses, to which students and educators from the different training centres are invited.

 promoting training session for educators, which gave rise to numerous exchanges between journalists on the path to becoming an educator in the field, and members of academia furthering there knowledge and experience in the field.

 organizing and participating in seminars on the evolution of the field, in cooperation with universities in the field of communications, the « Année francophone internationale » and other international institutions.


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